Pete Reed - An Aircraft Restoration Artist


To say Pete Reed isn't obsessed with aviation would be to ignore a life dedicated to preserving a piece of Golden-Era flying - The Boeing Stearman.

This obsession has placed him among a select group of restoration artists who labor to take Hangar Queens and turn them into award winning aircraft of the finest quality. In many cases that means taking an airplane down to parts and beginning anew. In the Stearman world, Pete is the man to see.

Pete Reed spent 24 years working as an Aeronautical Engineer along with being an A & P with an Inspection Authorization.  Shortly after graduating from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL, he went to work for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in West Palm Beach. He always wanted to learn to fly, so on weekends and evenings, he worked at a local airport as a mechanic, trading sweat equity for flying lessons. He would work four hours so he could fly ONE. He earned a private certificate and that was just the beginning.

In 1972 we left Florida for a job with General Electric in Cincinnati, Ohio. His love affair with the Stearman began in 1975 when he completed his first PT-17 restoration. The straight forward, sturdy design built by Boeing appealed to him like no other plane. Since that time a string of first class Stearman restorations have rolled out of his hangar.

Although the Stearman has a special place in his heart, Pete has also done numerous other aircraft repairs and restorations. Most recently he recovered and painted a 1920 Canuck (the Canadian version of the Curtiss Jenny) for the Henry Ford Museum. Other completions include: a Luscombe, a Meyers OTW, a Taylorcraft, a Citabria, a Stinson L-5, an Aeronca Chief and many partial restorations on almost any fabric airplane that you could think of .

We have been fortunate enough to have our restorations win many awards including Grand Champion at the National Stearman fly-in at Galesburg, Illinois, and the National Biplane fly-in held at Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and Reserve Grand Champion at Oshkosh.

When it's all said and done, Pete likes to be thought of as a Stearman Specialist.  After nearly 30 years of restoring Stearmans, I guess he's earned the right. He just lovesssss those Stearmans and there aren't many who know more about them than he does. I should know, I'm his Wife. - Jeanne Reed


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